"When we journey on Bryan’s ground we travel through the tangle and thicket, on shifting sandy footing, shrubs and marsh grass between us and the horizon. Her artistic practice repeatedly acknowledges the edges of knowing and celebrates with wonder the unknown. We are left only with the struggle to be present." Professor Kelly Vanderburg

from 'REGARDING THE SUBLIME', An Invitational Exhibition and Symposium, North Park University, Chicago, October 2014

My work is drawing based. My process is one of building up tones and textures using a method of charcoal, carbon and graphite combined, all of which yield a wonderful range of blacks and grays that vary in density and transparency as much as in tonality. As a native of Ireland, the landscape there has certainly shaped and influenced my work. Many of my early drawings were of places with a deep personal association for me; an endeavour perhaps to stay connected to my roots. The work is no longer about particular places however, but an attempt to find meaning in my response to the natural world, a way of looking beyond and beneath what I see. As the climate continues to change, there is added poignancy in the gloaming. I look for it now more than ever.

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